Deposit 10 Lakhs Cash without PAN Card & Avoid Tax


Now-a-days everyone is worried and confused of cash deposit and withdrawl rules and regulations. At the same time Govt is rolling out new rules daily. People who has hard earned money saved in their homes to avoid taxes are now worried and has no idea how to avoid tax and deposit their money safely.

The new rule of cash deposit intention is to discourage people from depositing huge money without submitting their PAN card number.

The original rule stated that you can deposit cash up to 50,000 Rs without your PAN details.

People are smart, after the launch of above rule, people started depositing under 50,000Rs daily and the total amount in a week or 2 becomes huge.

Govt has again chnaged the rule to compete with people and the new rule now states that amount deposited after 9th November 2016 and 30 December exceeds 2.5 Lakh Rs then the depositor has to submit his PAN details.

The intension of the above rule is very clear, Govt want to tax on everyone who has more than 2.5 Lakh Rs in his account.

Here is How to Deposit Rs.10 Lakhs Without PAN & Avoid Tax


We have seen millions of people in India screaming for their money deposit without PAN and avoid tax at the same time.

So, I thought this post with an example will help millions of people across India.

Example: I assume that you have Rs. 10 Lakhs and your family has 4 adults.

Step 1: If all the 4 members in your family have bank accounts then its great. If not go and create bank accounts for 4 family members.

Step 2: Deposit 49,500 Rs without PAN in the day one in all 4 accounts.

In the day one you will have 2 Lakhs deposited on your 4 accounts (Minus 2,000)

Step 3: Deposit same amount without PAN in all 4 accounts

Day 2; You have Rs 4 Lakhs minus 4,000

Step 4: Deposit same amount without PAN in 4 accounts.

Day 3; You have Rs.6 Lakhs minus 6,000

Step 5: Deposit same amount without PAN in 4 accounts.

Day 4; You have Rs. 8 Lakhs minus 8,000

Step 6: Deposit same amount without PAN in 4 accounts.

Day 6; You have Rs. 10 Lakhs minus 10,000

Step 7: Deposit balance 10,000 in your account.

Day 7: Now, you have successfully deposited Rs. 10 Lakhs without PAN card details.

Its a bit lenghty process but to avoid tax and deposit without PAN, its a safe method.

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Deposit Rs 10 Lakhs Cash without PAN Card & Avoid Tax

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